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A politically motivated smear?
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Murder is about facts, and about the evidence:

Lucianne Goldberg and Mark Fuhrman promote fiction, they do not have the capacity to solve the murder of Martha Moxley.

The Anatomy of every witchhunt is the same. It is possible to Prosecute but it is not possible to justify...

April 9, 2007

By David Sween
nsnews special guest

After Michael Skakel was convicted for the murder of Martha Moxley, Michael Skakel's younger brother called the entire process a witchhunt, and under the circumstances, he is absolutely right because the anatomy of every witchhunt is the same.

First and foremost, a witchhunt is about cultivating false witnesses, and that is clearly a well developed tactic where the prosecution of Michael Skakel was concerned. Gregory Coleman became a key witness for the Prosecution after telling a one-judge grand jury that Skakel admitted his involvement in the slaying. Skakel, Coleman claimed, told him he had tried to make sexual advances toward Moxley, but the girl would not respond "unless I drove her skull in." According to Coleman, Skakel said he was confident he would get away with the slaying, saying, "I'm gonna get away with murder. I'm a Kennedy."

Gregory Coleman's testimony is unreliable hearsay.

Indeed, during a probable cause hearing, Gregory Coleman admitted he had a drug problem and that he was high on heroin when he testified before the grand jury. The people who scripted Coleman's testimony are responsible for perverting justice because Gregory Coleman said, "I was on drugs when I came before the grand jury" and they are ultimately responsible for the fact that he was well supplied with drugs and the money to purchase them, in exchange for his testimony.

The fraud behind Coleman's testimony was characteristic. Another key witness in the case, Elan student, John Higgins, also said Skakel confessed to the slaying, but he admitted at a probable cause hearing that he lied to investigators and asked about a $50,000 reward in the case. Two other former students testified that they never heard Skakel confess. Gregory Coleman lied, and then he died, making it impossible to cross-examine him.

Gregory Coleman's sudden death was very convenient because the source of his very specific and definite lies was permanently buried. The Prosecutor treated Gregory Coleman's transcripted lies like the gospel, and delighted in the fact that Mickey Sherman could not cross-examine a piece of paper.

It took investigators 24 years to gather enough evidence to arrest Michael Skakel, and if they did not plant words into Gregory Coleman's mouth to make their job easier, they should have kept him alive long enough to allow the truth to surface. Moreover, his 'Kennedy-bashing' confession is absolutely meaningless because it is Ken Littleton, not Gregory Coleman, who is in a position to expose the truth about the murder of Martha Moxley.

At Michael Skakel's trial, Ken Littleton testified that after Moxley's body was found, family advisers suddenly directed him to take Skakel, his siblings and a cousin to upstate New York, about two and a half hours away, where the Skakels had another home.

Littleton said there had been no travel plans for that weekend until after the slaying was discovered. He said they stayed in Windham, N.Y., for the weekend and he never heard the children discuss the killing.

If Michael Skakel had murdered Martha Moxley, Ken Littleton would know about it, and he testified, under oath, that the children never discussed the killing. That means that Michael Skakel did not murder Martha Moxley.

After Michael Skakel was convicted, Ken Littleton changed his story. In fact, on Tuesday 12 December, 2002, Ken Littleton claimed that Michael Skakel had said, "I did it and you are going to get blamed for it."

This is really an explosive self-serving revision which proves, at the very least, that Ken Littleton testified for nearly 3 days at Skakel's trial and he essentially perjured himself because his only intention was to do whatever he had to do to implicate Michael Skakel, without regard to the truth.

Why is Ken Littleton granted the opportunity to pervert justice in this fashion?

According to Ken Littleton's tortured mind, the murder of Martha Moxley was either "an individual act of madness or a conspiracy." Ken Littleton said: "I have a definite feeling in my mind that this murder was committed after 10.30 at night." "Why do you say that?" he was asked. "Because," he responded cryptically. Littleton said he believed that Martha could have been lured out of her house or could have been having a sexual encounter in the mobile home, and then, sometime around 11.00 pm and 12.00 am., Martha Moxley was murdered. Ken Littleton was responsible for supervising the Skakel children on the day that Martha Moxley was murdered and he has proved to be the only person in a position to talk about the time of death -something that only the killer or a conspiracist could do.

If we assume that the murder of Martha Moxley was "an act of madness" then Ken Littleton is genuinely mad. If we assume that it is a "conspiracy" then somebody like Lucianne Goldberg is the leader of the plot. Lucianne Goldberg edited Mark Fuhrman's book and has managed to maintain a low profile, probably because she is a lifelong, politically motivated spy who targets her enemies by working behind-the-scenes. When Nixon was President, Lucianne Goldberg pretended to be a journalist so that she could spy on the Democrats. During the Clinton years, Lucianne Goldberg publicly salivated over the prospect of destroying the Clinton presidency.

If Lucianne Goldberg was not an effective force behind the effort to force Clinton to resign she made up for it by successfully pinning the murder of Martha Moxley on Michael Skakel. As soon as Dominick Dunne was passed a stolen copy of a private detective's report on the murder of Martha Moxley, (another third-rate burglary?) Lucianne Goldberg called. He was reading the report "and then, at that very moment," Dunne recalls, "I got a call from Lucianne Goldberg." The rest is history. Did Richard Nixon's spy fulfill the persistent effort to pin a murder on a "Kennedy"? Remember the effort to pin the murder of Marilyn Monroe? They can't even get that right, but it's never too late.

When we separate the wheat from the chaff, it is clear that Michael Skakel had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Martha Moxley. If Lucianne Goldberg is satisfied by the success of the effort to pin the murder on somebody who allegedly said, "I am a Kennedy, I can get away with anything" she should publicly explain her joy because the travesty of convicting an innocent man and allowing a murderer or murderers to escape justice is not excusable.

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