Lyndon Johnson's secret son
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M eet Steven Mark Brown, the illegitimate son of Lyndon Johnson, when he was 36 years old. Unfortunately, the young man sued the former president's widow, Lady Bird Johnson, for $10.5 million, and he didn't survive to prove his claim in court. That's justice, when politics gets in the way.

No worries, his mother Madeline, had a lengthy affair with Johnson from 1948 to 1968, and she has saved the history that was supposed to be buried with the death of Steven.

Everything that Madeline has revealed about Lyndon Johnson and his knowledge about the death of President Kennedy has been confirmed by the historical record, and Madeline is a credible witness to the crime of the century.

Madeline is an amazing witness. Anybody who knows anything about the assassination of John F. Kennedy will be fascinated by what she has to say. Those with limited knowledge ought to be shocked, the way they were when they heard about the multiple affairs that Tiger Woods was able to conceal.

According to Madeline Brown, she met Lyndon Johnson in 1948 and had a 21 year relationship with him. Her knowledge about the players who were JFK's enemies is very specific, and to quote her directly, H. L. Hunt told her,

We may have lost a battle, but we're going to win a war. (speaking of Kennedy's election) And then, the day of the assassination he said, well, we won the war. It was a total political thing, a political crime, and H.L. Hunt really controlled what actually happened to John Kennedy. He and Lyndon Johnson.

In Texas, Madeline Brown associated with many of the people who are linked to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, including Howard Hunt, Jack Ruby, Carlos Marcello, J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon and she talks about these people in endearing terms, giving her words added credibility.

Speaking about a meeting in Texas between J. Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Johnson, Howard Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover and Jack Ruby, at Texas oilman, Clint Murchison's house, Madeline said;

It was the night before the assassination on Thursday night. I was called, they told me they were having a social and of course I was reay to go to any social. I think I must of gotten there around eight and the party was breaking up probably 10:30, 11:00 maybe -I guess it was eleven. And, we were all stunned when Lyndon came in.
When asked what time Johnson came in, Madeline said;

Well he came from Houston. It must have been 11:00 oclock. The party was breaking up at that time. And it shocked everyone that he came in. Of course, I was thrilled to see him. Normally, I knew his agenda when he was in Texas, but that night, I did not know that he was coming. And they all went in to this conference room.

It gets a little bizarre when Madeline says, "He (George Owens) was there socially, and of course, Jack Ruby had brought one of the call girls to the meeting." When asked about the call girl, Madeline said, "Her name was Shirley. I know her, but she doesn't want to talk about this." Maybe, she's married now, and maybe, one day she will also tell her story.

When asked who picked up Nixon, Madeline said, "Nixon was already in town. He came in on Tuesday and met with Lyndon that noone knew anything about. But Lyndon met Nixon in Dallas on Tuesday."

Anyways, enough about Madeline. The interesting thing about her story is that it stands up to the scrutiny of the historical record and you can read all about that here: Lyndon Johnson's National Security Policy obsession.

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